Time Travel Theme Slots Online

There are many great slot machines on the Space discovery of new galaxies and fight aliens. But there are very few on time travel. This article takes and examines three of them. Of course, all three have a time machine.

The Cryptologic Slot game is titled Time Machine. It is the oldest and simplest of the three. The time traveler Dr. What is the wild symbol and it assigns the highest line payout. The animation is transported through time is one of the attractions of the slot machine. The wormhole is the scatter symbol. Wormholes do exist and space scientists believe they hold the key to time travel. In the animation, the wormhole is shown sucking everything into it. The other end of the wormhole is available in a different time and throws it out the drawn objects at this time. Three or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels awarded 15 free spins with doubled payouts. The other thematic symbols are the time machine and icons from different periods. These include the dinosaur from the Jurassic period, the Sphinx head from ancient Egypt, the knight of the Middle Ages, the dandy couple of Victorian England and the robot from the future.

The time travel themed slot game from Rival Gaming is aptly titled A Switch in Time. It is an i-slot and provides a fantastic bonus game. A switch in Time is on three different types of roles that played different time periods. The slot game loads from the 19th century with symbols such as pocket watch, parchment, gas lamp and sherry decanter. The wild symbol is the hourglass and the girl activates the free spins. The time machine takes players to a bonus round where they earn bonus points, which are then released into the prehistoric era. The symbols are mastodon, saber-toothed tiger, Tyrannosaurus Rex and prehistoric man. The fire is an expanding wild. The girl in a prehistoric avatar triggers the free spins. The Time Machine is the common symbol in all three sets. In this bonus game there is a struggle with the T-Rex, after the players go in the future. Here the symbols aliens, alien city, radar field and spacecraft. A gas cloud is the Joker. The bonus game in that time zone is a cyber war. After the bonus game, the player back to the Victorian era.

A 3D slot game called The oddity machine is at Bovada Casino. In the 19th century, an inventor named Miles built a time machine. He and his robot assistant Gizmo travel through time in this slot game. A turn of history, the curious General Traytor try to steal the curious machine. Apart from these characters, the symbols represent different eras from dinosaurs to space towns. The dinosaur symbols trigger the explosion in the past Multiplier free spins. A random multiplier up to five times each spin will be applied. If any profits carried activate all 30 pay lines, one of the five reels rewind randomly giving players a second chance to win. The highlight of this slot machine is a journey through time bonus round triggered by the time machine symbols anywhere on the reels are. Enjoy measures between General Traytor and Miles and Gizmo. Time did not disappoint the potential for fantastic animations and curiosities machine.