The Makeover Of Kings Highway

Playtech is with their process of reworking of online slot machines on. Losing the older titles transport due to limitations in the graphics and gaming features. By reintroducing keeps her alive with high-quality graphics and additional features Playtech, which gives the brand value of the earlier slots and give them a new life. This strategy is very successful in the case of Captain treasure and Desert Treasure, the new avatars of which now draw high traffic.

The latest Playtech slot machine to undergo a facelift is Kings Highway. As the name suggests, is the theme of trucks. There is a 9 payline video slot that visually formatted as an old-fashioned console slot machine. The lower paying symbols are truck components such as steering wheel, piston, spark plug, battery, tires and gas can. The higher paying symbols trucks of different colors. The red truck offers a jackpot payout of 10,000 coins and starts to pay, if it seems simple. Some of the icons begin to pay, when two aligned appear and the rest, aligned when three appear. One of the highlights of the Kings Highway is that alignments are charged both ways. A larger red truck is the Joker, but does not offer line payouts. The muffler is the scatter symbol. The graphics are 2D sketches, which are very common in comparison to today’s standards. There are no win animations. The only gaming feature in Kings Highway is the Playtech Dollar Ball game and it is this side bet progressive jackpot that really carries this slot machine.

The new avatar of Highway Kings Highway Kings is Pro. There is also a 9 payline slot game and performs most of the symbols from the earlier version. An introductory clip has been added, a truck zooming down a country road shows. Some of the icons are highlighted, are the main features of the game. The console is removed and thus the rollers are larger. The icons are available in 3D is the practice with the Playtech makeovers. There are some significant changes to the symbols and disbursements. The gas can has converted to a gas station. The red truck still offers the jackpot payout of 10,000 coins, but payouts begin with an alignment of two symbols. The paylines continue to pay in both directions. The wild symbol is the truck driver and the scatter symbol is the pin-up girl in his cabin. A checkered flag icon are the bonus game. Some noble animations introduced. The trucks zoom to the highway that begins to run gas station meters, the truck driver puts his hand in recognition and also the pin-up girl alive.

The Dollar Ball game is away, and that is something that Playtech has done in his makeovers. It was a bonus feature that is triggered when the checkered flag appears simultaneously on reels 1 and 5 Players choose from three trucks and a number of free spins allocated replaced. Then the truck will take part in a race and a multiplier is based on the excellent position of the selected truck. The free spins are then played. The free spins can be retriggered infinitely. The retrigger awards 20 free spins on existing multiplier. Highway Kings Pro is selected at Playtech online casinos like Casino Tropez.