The Mad Scientist Slot Online

Albert Einstein was not a mad scientist. He was a genius far ahead of his time. After his death, his brain was donated to science. Einstein was born on March 14, and we the occasion of his birthday another scientist, the way ahead of his time, Dr. Walter Prescott is to celebrate. Dr. Prescott has two online slot machines at Bovada Casino title Mad Scientist and Madder Scientist. These two slots are from the new 3D titles, live a few months ago went to Bovada Casino.

The slot game Mad Scientist, Dr. Prescott discovered a formula to convert inanimate objects in gold. This is the result of countless days away squirreled in his laboratory. The Mad Scientist invites players to him in his search for gold and get rich along with it. The symbols on the reels are to observe some crazy scientific equipment and some regular things. The formula is written on the blackboard the Joker. Three or more bio hazard symbols on an active payline trigger the Bio Pick Me bonus game on the reels. The players have a triggering icons to get to win bonus credits. If the Tesla Coil symbol appears on reels 1 and 5 paylines 1, 2 or 3, the Wild’o’Cution is enabled. The Tesla coil is activated, and the symbols between them will immediately turn into wild symbols, increasing the chances of winning. The great experiment bonus is triggered by three or more scattered test tube symbols in any position on any active payline. Players are taken to the Mad Scientist Laboratory for the last test its long-awaited turn-o-gold serum. Players will select four objects and Dr. Prescott is to test them with the serum. The objects are to make a bronze, silver or gold, and the players win bonus credits depending on the success of the experiment.

In Madder Scientist Slot Machine, Dr. Prescott returns with his crazy Turn-o-gold serum. The slot game description at Bovada Casino says: “No one knows how or why it works, but the good doctor is back in the lab and still turn things into gold Dr. Prescott has gotten older, looks crazy, but has a sexy young. assistant. He conducts the play of his laboratory. The animations are wild and in all Madder Scientist’s more fun to play. Beaker symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5 of the trigger Beaker Click Me feature. Players choose to continue cup and win price until the cups are exhausted or expose them to the “collection”. Three switches symbols on the reels scattered trigger have the wild switches. One of the 5 reels, selected at random, is for a certain number of spins rotate the wild. Test the serum bonus will be somewhere symbols activated by three or more carrots on the reels. Players Helping Dr. Prescott mix to test a new concoction on the carrot in this fun bonus round feature. The player will immediately bonus credits on the basis of the result of the examination awarded. Madder Scientist presented and exciting Reel re-spin feature. After each round, players can decide again to turn one of the 5 rolls an extra chance to win, but come at an extra cost them.