Playtech Classic slots with bonus games

In general, three reel classic slots are simple things. They offer up to five pay lines and only line payouts. There is usually no additional features. However, this is software vendors to solve a couple of classic slots with features such as bonus games and progressive jackpots. Playtech has three such games in its portfolio, the alchemical laboratory, Safe Cracker and Magic Slots are. This can be played in online casinos like Omni Casino, Casino Tropez and Golden Palace Casino. This article gives a brief overview of these online slot machines.

Alchemists Lab is set in an alchemist lab bench. The journal is on the screen, has the payout table. Flasks and test tubes with colorful liquids can be seen on the sides. The rollers are, like a rotating drum at the bottom of the screen structure. Alchemists Lab has but a single payline players can bet up to three coins. The symbols on the reels are made of gold coin and gold ring, are interested in the product of the alchemist, and chemicals that are its raw material. In all but the highest case, the payouts are bet in multiples of coins. Three gold coin symbols awarded 3,000, 6,000 and 10,000 coins for one, two and three coins bet. Three books symbols on the payline solve the bonus game. The second screen shows a boiler, is made in gold. There are several chemical bottles on the table from which the player chooses three. These are discharged into the boiler and the payout is dependent on the amount of gold.

Magic Slots is a single payline three reel slot game from Playtech. The display is very similar to alchemical laboratory, except that the graphics used magic. The thematic symbols on the reels are wand, dice, ring and magicians hats and gloves. Magic Slots used the only bar, double bar and triple bar symbols from the classic slot machines. The player can bet up to three coins. When three coins bet, the player gets three wand symbols on the payline, the bonus game on the second screen is activated. In the bonus game, the player must be able to see one of the four hats. He will receive a bonus prize at its discretion. Magic Slots also offers a progressive jackpot. To hit the progressive jackpot players have three magic hat symbols on the payline obtained with three coins wagered.

Safecracker is the most popular Playtech three reel slots. Like the other two, it has a single payline. As the name suggests, is a bank robbery the theme and the symbols used are safe, crowbars, drills and dynamite. Cash is the highest paying symbol on the Safecracker Playtech slot game. The progressive jackpot is won when three cash symbols on the payline. Safecracker has a complicated bonus game, which is now accessed three key symbols on the payline. 10 safes are alerted on the second screen, three of which appear at the end the bonus round, if one of them can be selected. The remaining seven open and contain bonus prizes. Players need to deposit on one after the other and claim the price until they alerted a hit.