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Playtech Irish Themed Slots Games Online

In March Irish themed online slots govern in online casinos. This is because St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated worldwide on 17 March and St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. This Irish themed slot machines have nothing to do with St. Patrick, but focus on Irish folklore of goblins, good luck symbols and pots of gold at the end …


The Lord of the Rings Online Slot Saga

The saga of The Lord of the Rings (LOTR) online slot game is no less than an epic represents the brand. In the short two years of its existence, most slot machines has said in the history of online games and even after he was retired players hope for his return.

In February 2010, the leading software provider Microgaming has …


Time Travel Theme Slots Online

There are many great slot machines on the Space discovery of new galaxies and fight aliens. But there are very few on time travel. This article takes and examines three of them. Of course, all three have a time machine.

The Cryptologic Slot game is titled Time Machine. It is the oldest and simplest of the three. The time traveler …


Mother Goose Day Theme Slots Online

May 1 is celebrated in many countries around the world for various reasons. One of them is like Mother Goose Day. The concept of Mother Goose dates from the 17th century as the apocryphal narrator nursery rhymes and fairy tales. Mother Goose Day was in 1987 as Gloria Delamar published her book Mother Goose begun; From kindergarten to literature. The …


Iron Man Online Slot Machine

The movie Iron Man 3 premiere in April 2013 and is doing fantastically well at the box office in the world. It was produced and distributed by Walt Disney Marvel Studios. The film is a sequel to Iron Man and Iron Man 2 Iron Man 3 Tony Stark in the world is characterized ripped through an impressive terrorists called Mandarin. …


Microgaming Classic Slots with bonus games online

Normally one would expect Bonus games in five reel video slots, not in three roles classic slot machines. The limited structure of classic slots is not very conducive to bonus games. However, the leading online casino software providers like Playtech and Microgaming have a small selection of three reel slots with bonus games. In this article, some of these slots …


Godfather Theme Online Slots

The Godfather trilogy of films is iconic of the Mafia, which operated in urban America in the mid-twentieth century. Underworld bosses, especially those with appearance of respectability, Godfather been adopted since the title. Online Slots often portray themes of seriousness, but sometimes engage in parodies. Two such slot machines at Casino Advisor recommended online casinos offer a comical view of …