Jason And The Golden Fleece Online Slot

On online game Microgaming Recently published with the title Jason and the Golden Fleece in online casinos like Platinum Play, All Slots and Lucky Nugget. The game follows the mythological story of Jason accurately identify characters and places involved in this adventure. It was a great experience. About gaming for players who were familiar with the story This article explains in a little more detail the fascinating events, so that other players have the same excitement when bets to enjoy this slot game.

Jason was the son of Aeson the ruler of Iolcus. His uncle Pelias overthrew Aeson and took control of the kingdom. Jason’s mother secretly sent him to the centaur Chiron for his education. Later, Jason returned to Iolcus as a young man and claimed the throne of Pelias. Pelias agreed, provided that Jason was able to bring the Golden Fleece.

A golden winged ram had helped young Phrixus escape from his stepmother and took him to Colchis. Phrixus sacrificed the ram his Spirit that the constellation Aries was the release. In the wild symbol animation in the slot machine, this constellation is displayed. Phrixus hung the golden fleece in a sacred grove in Colchis, and because it was a much coveted object he had guarded it from a sleepless dragon that appears in the Colchis icon. The Golden Fleece is also the scatter symbol.

Jason gathered a group of heroes and set sail from Iolcus in the ship Argo. Therefore, his team became known as the Argonauts. The multi-level bonus game Jason’s journey begins with the Iolcus shield bonus. Mysia was a place of Argo stopped on the way. A little away from Mysia, the Argonauts encountered the seer Phineas, the winged females was plagued by the harpies, the devil. Jason drove the Harpies away and in return Phineas gave him the instructions for reaching Colchis and the mystery of the passing of Symplegaden. In Mysia bonus, players must choose one of the Harpies to win bonus credits. The Symplegaden were huge rock cliffs that came together and crushed ships between them. Phineas told Jason to solve a dove when they approached the Symplegaden. If the dove made it through, the Argonauts would. That’s exactly what happened. Jason and the Golden Fleece online slot has a Sympleglades Shipwreck bonus.

Some of the adventures in the slot machine covered actually happened during Jason’s return. But for the convenience of Microgaming it shows in the Long Road. In Crete, the bronze giant Talbos blocked their way, and he had to be killed before it could happen. The slot machine has a bonus Crete wheel. Sirenum was the home of the Sirens. This charming women sang beautiful songs that enticed sailors to, to come to them. As per advice Chiron, Jason asked one of the Argonauts, Orpheus, his lyre playing loud and drown out the Sirens’ songs. This event is represented by the Sirenum card bonus.

Aeetes was the king of Colchis, when Jason ended up there. He presented three impossible tasks for Jason to meet. But Aeetes’s daughter Medea, who was a sorceress, fell in love with Jason and helped him out. In the last task Jason had to overcome the sleepless dragon. Medea brewed a potion to sleep the dragon down. That is the subject of the final event Colchis Potion bonus in Jason’s journey. Medea came with Jason to Iolcus.