Dolphin Tale Review

The setting of the slot machine is perhaps its best feature. Deep in a sea city crime has a new enemy, The Blue Squad. This police unit consists of the Rookie Dolphin, the head of the walrus, the sultry sturgeon and others. These appear as comic symbols along with casino, bank, salon and other hot spots.

Full Review

Dolphin Tale is a 40 payline slot, with players able to up to five coins per payline bet. The coin size ranges from 0.01 to 0.25. The maximum line bet is 1.25 and the maximum total bet per spin is 50.00. The rookie Dolphin is the Joker. It offers the highest fixed jackpot of 3,000 coins when five Dolphin symbols appear on an enabled payline. This works out to 3750 credits that can not win high rollers. The other members of the police squad are the Chief Walrus, Octopus Merl, Karl Turtle, Lucille sturgeon and Shrimp Louie. The Spy Clam is the scatter symbol and offers scatter payouts. The pay table on their work and the character and symbols are closer appropriately made by hand. The locations in the city casino, Bank, Police Station, Shop, Motel and Diner. The production of these symbols is also excellent. The casino is a shipwreck and the motel is a nice bowl. The animations are even better. The Dolphin takes a dive and the Clam open to display a red light police siren.

Dolphin Tale is an excellent free spins round, which is triggered when three or more scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels clam. Players can choose one of five options. Each option specifies the number of free spins, but the multiplier is awarded randomly from three above values. The options are: 25 free spins with 2x, 3x or 5x multiplier; 20 free spins at 2x, 4x or 7x multiplier; 15 free spins at 3x, 6x or 8x multiplier; 10 free spins at 5x, 8x or 12x multiplier and 5 free spins at 10x, 15x or 20x multiplier. In essence, the player between more free spins and multipliers must be selected greater. During the free spins, an additional Joker in the form of the Badge appear on reels 2, 3 or 4. It will replace a symbol per reel except scatters. The free spins round can not be retriggered.

In addition to exciting graphics and a lucrative free spins round Dolphin Tale Microgaming offers some great software features. Although the video slot can either Normal Mode or Expert mode can be played, the latter is preferable. It offers an auto-play function, set in the players up to 500 spins car without manual intervention at the same bet, but. You can also use the car to stop play program when profits exceed a certain amount. The software also offers a number of customization options, which can be accessed from the Options tab. Players can be independently enabled or disabled the various sound options, such as Win sounds, sounds and game background noise. Players can decide whether they displayed their balance in coins or credits.