Big Kahuna Review

Big Kahuna refers to medicine man in Hawaii and the slot machine with bright bold symbols of volcanoes, masks and exotic fruits. It offers two bonus games on the second screen. Although it has only 9 paylines, the largest coin size of 2.00 results in a total bet per spin of 90.00 credits.

Full Review

The slot machine has a small comic introduction clip of Hawaii. The Big Kahuna logo is the wild symbol. It also offers the highest line payout of 8,000 coins when five of them appear on an enabled payline. Another advantage of this wild symbol is that it is a payment every time it appears on reel 1. There is a disadvantage as well. The wild symbol substitutes for the fruit symbols. It is not a substitute for the Witch Doctor and lizard. , The Witch Doctor and lizard symbols pay, however, if two of them appear to active payline. The monkey is the scatter symbol. It makes some amusing animations when issuing scatter payouts. The scatter payouts begin with two monkeys symbols on the reels. The highest payout for scatter symbols five 200 coins. It is multiplied by the total bet to convert to credits.

Big Kahuna offers two bonus games on the second screen. Both were woven into the theme of the slot machine. The mask bonus game is triggered aligned by three or more masks symbols on an enabled payline from left to right. Ten screens are displayed on the second screen. The players have continued to be awarded for masks and accumulating the bonus credits until they reveal a Collect. Revealing a finished mask Collect bonus game, but a consolation victory is awarded for each uncovered mask. The amount that can be won in the mask bonus depends on the number of mask symbols in the trigger. Three mask symbols can pay up to 1,650 coins, four mask symbols to 2,900 coins and five mask symbols pay pay up to 4375 coins. The second bonus game on the second screen is titled Volcano bonus. The bonus game is triggered aligned by three or more Volcano symbols on an enabled payline from left to right. The volcano bonus has a much simpler structure. The player must choose a fruit are offered. The selected fruit is left in the fall volcano and the bonus amount is awarded displayed. Three volcano symbols can pay up to 625 coins, four symbols volcano up to 1,000 coins and five Volcano symbols pay pay up to 2,500 coins.

Big Kahuna is a Microgaming product and has an excellent software features. It should be played in the expert mode. This mode provides an auto-play feature that players with up to 500 car games run without manual intervention at the same bet possible. Players can also program the Autoplay to stop when earnings exceed a certain amount. The software also offers a number of customization options. Players can be enabled or disabled individually, the various sound options. Players can also choose to display their balances in coins or credits.