A Christmas Story Themed Slots Online

In December 1843, the popular Victorian novelist Charles Dickens published his novel A Christmas Carol. This is hated with his spirit of giving the story of a greedy miser Ebenezer Scrooge, the Christmas. His business partner Jacob Marley had died seven years ago. On Christmas Eve, the ghost of Marley, together with the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Yet to Come, Scrooge pay a visit. Leave it full of love, kindness and joy. Two of the leading software provider in the online casino industry have developed slot machines based on this novel. This is more fun for players who are familiar with the story anyway.

Microgaming released its A Christmas Carol topics online slot game in December 2009. It was named after the miser Scrooge in the novel with the title. All the main characters in the novel appear as symbols on the reels. The Scrooge logo is the wild symbol and the door knocker is the scatter symbol. The animations are awesome, and in accordance with Dickens’ characterization. Scrooge makes a grumpy face. The highlight of Scrooge is the free spins bonus is triggered in an innovative way. A specific combination of symbols randomly inserts a free spin on the counter or moves forward one day on the calendar. If the Date 25 December, the Free Spins Bonus is triggered with the number of free spins in the numerator. The payouts are doubled during free spins. In the free spins bonus characters, including Scrooge, with Christmas spirit affected. The animations and background music alive. Scrooge happy tossing a coin. The second bonus feature in Scrooge’s Christmas Dinner bonus. On the second screen Scrooge and the ghosts of Marley and the three Christmas be with five Christmas dishes sitting at the table in a row over them. The player enters court to any person and receive a bonus payment.

Titled The Playtech Slot Machine with A Christmas Carol theme Ghosts of Christmas and was published in December 2012. The introductory video clip takes players briefly through history. As the main characters in the novel appear in Scrooge as symbols on the reels. And again, the animations are very suitable. Scrooge kisses a gold coin. Scrooge is the wild symbol and the ghost of Marley is the scatter symbol. The highlight of this Playtech slot machines is the ghost of Christmas bonus. A bonus game, pick the objects type, one of the spirits heard randomly triggered. The settings are similar to the Ghosts of Christmas was in the novel. The Spirit of Christmas Past goes back to the school by Scrooge to show that there was a time when he enjoyed Christmas. The Ghost of Christmas Present shows how people currently enjoy Christmas Scrooge while spending the day in misery. The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come is in the future, a lonely death for Scrooge if he does not change his ways. The Ghosts of Christmas slot machine also has a free spins bonus round in which any number of free spins are awarded to the player. All line and scatter payouts are tripled during the free spins. The free spins can be triggered indefinitely.